CBD Oil for Anxiety: Benefits

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CBD or Cannabidiol is a plant-derived compound that is flooding the markets these days. There are a lot of aspects of CBD that are still unclear. Here in this article, we have tried to answer the most frequent questions related to CBD that arise in the minds of people.

  1. What is CBD?

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds extracted from the Cannabis plant. CBD is one of the 200 other cannabinoids extracted from marijuana. Dissimilar to other psychoactive compounds, CBD is known to have great pharmacological effects. Its medicinal effects have proved to be extremely effective. It can be extracted both from hemp and marijuana. After being extracted, it is later diluted with hemp seed or coconut oil.

  1. Is it safe to use CBD products?

There is a wrong notion that if the product is so readily available in the market, it would definitely be safe to use. But that is often not true, just like in the case of CBD. In point of fact, the companies manufacturing the unapproved drugs containing cannabidiol have been handed out warning letters several times. There have been numerous testings done by the FDA to check the actual level of CBD in the manufactured products. And what came as no surprise is that most of the companies mentioned the wrong levels of best CBD oil UK present in their product. Therefore, it is important to know that most of the CBD products available in the market are not given safety certification by FDA and cannot be used for any purpose such as diagnosis, prevention, cure or treatment of any ailment. Any product that has not passed the safety testing of FDA is harmful to consume, so everybody consuming them should be aware of this fact.

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  1. Is it actually beneficial to have CBD in products such as oils, shampoos, cosmetics, bath salts, etc?

The amount of CBD present in these products is still unprecise. There has been no proper data indicating any major beneficial effects of CBD as being a constituent of these products.

  1. Is there any scientific proof indicating the therapeutic effect of CBD in neurological conditions like anxiety and depression?

To date, there have been no proven shreds of evidence to support the fact that CBD is effective in controlling conditions like anxiety or depression. Nonetheless, it does not imply that CBD is of no help. In order to state a proven remedial effect of CBD, proper clinical trials need to be conducted, which have not happened as of now. Certainly, more studies are still required to consider this.

Apart from this, it has been concluded that CBD is also beneficial for medical conditions like epilepsy. Most of the indications of CBD only possess pre-clinical evidence, while a very few own a combination of pre-clinical and limital clinical evidence. CBD is again considered to have several other effects that also need to undergo definite studies to be claimed. Some of the presumed effects of CBD are – anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, antiepileptic, analgesic, neuroprotective, anti-asthmatic,hypoxia-ischaemic, anxiolytic, and antitumor effects.

  1. Are there any current studies going on in the US or any other part of the world to study the usefulness of CBD?

Yes, a lot of countries, especially the US have been conducting a lot of clinical trials to study the potential benefits of CBD on a variety of disorders such as substance abuse treatment, anxiety, pain, PTSD, etc. There have also been revelations that CBD in combination with THC is extremely beneficial for cancer-related pain and spasticity in patients from the continent of Asia and Europe.

THC is a  Psychoactive compound, in combination with CBD, it is called Sativex. Studies are still going on to understand the magical benefits of this combination.

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  1. Is CBD approved by the FDA and can it be medically prescribed by the doctors?

For now, one compound of CBD has been medically approved by the FDA, and only it can be prescribed by the doctors.

Epidiolex- a purified CBD extract manufactured by GW pharmaceuticals was approved by FDA, way back in 2018, as a Schedule 5 compound for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, which are two rare forms of epilepsy.

  1. Are there any price regulations for CBD products?

As of now, only FDA approved products have certain price regulations. Apart from that, no such regulations are followed by manufacturers or sellers.

  1. Are the articles written about the pros and cons of CBD actually helpful?

Sometimes it becomes hard to figure out if the information presented on the web is correct or not. And when it comes to anything that can harm our health, we need to be extra cautious. So, before you believe anything you read about CBD, try to consult a medical professional for the same. And also, look for scientific evidence such as clinical trials conducted to test the safety and benefits of the product or drug mentioned in the article.