Great Choices for the Eric Arnoux Real Estate

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Your first priority when selecting a builder should be the quality of their work. Ask to visit past projects, be sure to check references and ask the builder about structural materials you can’t see. The housebuilder must present his previous projects to you. For the Eric Arnoux Real Estate you can find the best deals.

The key to the longevity of your home is a solid foundation, and your custom home builder should choose high-quality products, from countertops to framing. Ask the builder candidates what materials they use, to make sure you get a quality home from scratch.

Do your research

Narrowing your search to a single house builder in Rennes can be a bit dangerous for you. A good place to start is research based on the location of your future home. From there, you can consult the portfolios of builders. Word of mouth is also a great way to learn more about local builders.

Consult with friends and family who have already built custom homes, make a list of potential builders, and conduct in-depth interviews. The Internet also presents itself as an excellent tool for finding a quality home builder. There are many specialized sites that allow you to get quotes from different manufacturers.

Remember that transparency is essential

Some of the best builders to work with are completely transparent and happy to answer all questions from the start. They will give you a timetable and a complete estimate as soon as possible. They will explain their construction philosophy and the products they use. And they will tell you about their relationship with the contractors and all the people who will help you build your house. Avoid builders who have difficulty answering these questions clearly.

Never be afraid to ask questions

This may be the first time you have built a custom home, and no one likes to appear uneducated. But, building a custom home is a huge investment of your money and time. A good builder is not only ready to answer your most ridiculous questions but will also encourage you to ask them.

Make sure your communication styles are synchronized

Find a construction pro and a design team you can communicate with. The ideal team will ask questions and listen to your goals and vision. They will work hard to understand which products and which design will best suit your lifestyle. Linking needs and wants early in the process can help avoid headaches later.

If a builder takes long periods of time to respond to you, this may be a harbinger that you will experience frustration with communication throughout the construction. You want a builder who responds quickly and makes you feel like their only customer.

Eric Arnoux Real Estate

There is no quick fix for choosing the best home builder for you. But following these tips can help point you towards a builder you can trust and who uses quality materials for the home of your dreams.

Building your home is often the adventure of a lifetime. Choice of land, materials, or craftsmen, the project is the result of long-term thinking and represents a long-term project. Before starting the construction of your house, Côté Maison takes stock with two professionals to deliver the most classic mistakes and gives you the keys to avoid them. With Prisca Pellerin *, an architect in Ivry-sur-Seine, and Alain Mercier, construction expert at Leroy Merlin, discover the key information for building your house.