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This image example proves that hyperlocal advertising in most cases does not take much more time than mobile broader targeting. Best of all, well-targeted advertising and the ingenuity associated with it have no limits. From the best ads expert you can now expect the best deals. What concrete opportunities and uses could it then have? Here are some examples of different location targets and demographics:

Shopping malls

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Finland is the promised land of shopping and shopping centers, and where would Finns spend their leisure time rather than in huge shopping centers? Mobile advertising in the mall area reaches mall visitors and you can effectively tell about your store, restaurant, promotion, or special promotions. So don’t expect consumers to come to you in labyrinthine shopping centers – invite them in, have fun, and make a difference.


Trade Shows, Concerts, Sporting Events, Conferences, you name it. Talk to the event audience with the exact messages they are interested in. Tell us where your stand is at the fair with a lure, bring up downloadable guides at the business conference and reach out to those interested in sports at major sporting events. The use of hyperlocal advertising in events has achieved positive results in our social media campaigns, and we sincerely recommend it to a wide variety of businesses.

Outlets and launches

Have you just set up a new outlet, or are you facing challenges in reaching and engaging with your customer stream? Try promoting your business to a location or business around it. That way, you can get a try on your new lunch restaurant with promotional promotions for new gourmets, or in the hairdressing salon among busy working days. Whatever your needs, everything in the immediate vicinity of the offices reaches generally close to the workforce and allows you to attract new potential customers in a cost-effective way.


Students are an interesting target group to reach. Especially in social media advertising, the easiest way to reach them is to limit the age of your target audience and try to find a qualifying factor, for example through interest. However, in the worst case scenario, this will cut off a large part of the target group. What if you were to regionally select all high schools in the city with hyperlocal targeting and start reaching your target audience with a message, format and look that interests them? Not a bad idea, whether it is getting a college or university student or marketing a product aimed at young people.


Social media recruitment marketing is a growing trend, and more and more are seeking to use social media channels to reach potential recruitment candidates. However, there are areas where there is a huge shortage of skills and, of course, also fierce competition for recruiting professionals. What if you were cleverly promoting your corporate culture or new vacancies directly at your competitors’ offices, large mergers, or colleges that might have the expertise you want?

Did the above opportunities and uses bring you new ideas or ideas that your company could use in its own marketing? If the light on your head came on, contact us and book a remote appointment with us via the button below. Let us know your ideas or ask for more, and we’ll start thinking about the hyperlocal advertising that’s right for you for better results and more compelling mobile advertising. Thanks for reading and next time!