How to use Instagram downloader to download Instagram reels?

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Recently, we all know that the famous TikTok that was on fire for young people has been banned. The banning of TikTok has brought heat among the youngsters. The important countries that banned TikTok are Indian and America. To combat this the faced owned Instagram had come up with the new option known as the Instagram Reels.instagram downloader can also be used to download these reels.

Instagram reels are like the clone of the TikTok. It is used to create dubbed short time videos. In TikTok, it is extremely easy to download and share videos. But whereas it is not easy in the reels to download and share. That is why there is this guide which will help you to share and download Instagram reels using the Instagram Downloader.

instagram downloader

How to save Instagram reels

Open Instagram and go to the reels video that you wish to download.

Hit the reels video that you want to download. You can also go to reels from it. There is a new option fro the reels near the igtv option.

Once the video is downloaded you can save the video by hitting the three dots icon.

To actually revisit the save d reel videos. You can go to Instagram and your profile. There will a three-line at the top left corner of your Instagram profile. You can click that and go to the saved to check for the latest saved reel video.

Here, you will find all the recently saved videos and posts.

It is much easier to save a picture or a video. You just need to go to the place icon that will be present in the right corner of the eerie picture or video. Just by clicking that you will be able to save the video.

You can retrieve the saved video by going to your profile and then clicking the three lines option that will be present in the top right corner. And then go to the saved option that is available. Now you will be able to find the videos, pictures, or the reels that you have saved.

How to download Instagram reels in an android phone

This is to store the videos in your android device. The above method was pure to show how to download videos on an android device.

  1. You can download videos to your device by going to the play store and downloading Video downloader for the Instagram application.
  2. After installing it now set up the app
  3. You will need to connect your Instagram to the app that you have downloaded.
  4. After that, you have to go back to Instagram and open the reels video that needs to be downloaded.
  5. Now tap the three dots icon that is there and copy the link.
  6. Now open the video downloader app and copy the link of the reel video that you need to download.

Now the video will be downloaded after hitting the download button. The video will be directly downloaded to your device and you will be accessing it anytime from your devices.