Is Juul is harmless than smoking cigarettes?

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Do you have to know what Juul is initially? It is an e-cigarette that comes in many flavours, and the adults and young people widely use this. When it comes to younger ones, this is one of the threats to their lifestyle and habit. Because e-cigarettes can easily promote them to get into cigarettes within a short span, this juul australia  is one major manufacturer. In this article, we are going to see things about Juul and how harmful it is to the children.

Juul and its side effects:

At the initial state of this Juul, there is no case about the mistakes or harmful products. Even the food and drug administration does not report any product details about it. But lately when a young age people are interested in it. The research had taken place and proved that this also contains some harmful ingredients.

  • This e-cigarette called Juul contains the harmful ingredients that include nicotine and other hundred different types of toxic chemicals.
  • You may hear about the most dangerous chemical called Acrolein, this is highly dangerous to the lungs, and it can easily damage the system.
  • When young people have nicotine during adolescence, this will hardly affect the brain system and their functions.
  • Juul is one of the most popular e-cigarettes. We know that Juul comes in different flavours because of that youngster to teens, believing that these are only the flavour and not the nicotine.
  • But that is entirely wrong, and no one should encourage their children to have this supplement, especially in the teen.
  • FDA and many other administrations related to this are saying that no e-cigarette is safe, and they are helping the adult or teen come out from this habit.

E-cigarettes are battery powering commonly e-cigarettes look in the shape of the phone, but Juul resembles a convenient USB. It delivers nicotine as a liquid state, and that turns into an aerosol. These come out as a fruit flavour. Many of the unknowns are believing that they are consuming something related to the fruit. But the actual truth is Juul contains the equal number of chemicals which the regular smoking cigarettes include with it. Many of the Juul does not produce any vapours, but it comes with the same fruit flavour. The smoke is also not visible, and this device can easily make anyone get more addicted.

Why are most youth using this?

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We can take a maximum of three things about this usage among youth and those are,

  • More than thirty-nine per cent of young using this because their friend and many family members are using this Juul or e-cigarette.
  • Thirty-one per cent young using this because Juul comes in many different flavours such as chocolate, candy, etc.
  • More than seventeen per cent are using this because they believe that it is very less in the per cent of harm compared to the tobacco-related products.

The American lung association is reporting like the FDA, and they are also in the front line to help the people come out from this habit. It is beneficial to many of the teens to save their life, and many had gotten out of this.