Link tree Alternative is most important for social media

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Its most powerful website for marketing field people, YouTubers. etc., Create all in one link for your social media.  The domain name peculiar like link tree. First, sign up the Linktree alternative and link another social website.

How to link the website?

First, sign up the Link tree page and enter your details, it’s like name, username, email, password, and confirmation password then register the details. After view yet started page, this page has a name and tell us about yourself, options are education, music, health, business, etc., to select your option than agree and save details. After that show another page, select a plan, it is like free, pro, 0 accounts, etc., 0 feature only show how many people to watch and pro and paying feature to show the people to watch which websites it’s like chrome, google, Mozilla firebox like that. Now you click to continue with 0 account option after one link passes your email id the purposes of verifying the link and activate Link tree account. After verifying the account to continue.

Now show the Link tree dashboard. This page to add your social media websites. The websites adding link, your social media URL code copy and paste and put title name, your social media page name like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., In Instagram bio link to copy and paste the URL code and put the name like Instagram. Sometimes the title bar likes the yellow color because there’s no URL here yet and it can’t be used so put perfect URL code. This is optional to on or off. upload your images like logo also to change the palette color also optional. If you want to rearrange the order of social media websites and uploaded them.

Now you check the social media links, copy the website, and paste the fresh pages to show your social media pages. For example, clothes marketing, the website name like clothes, this is your website name. The person to search for clothes shows the and other social media pages also. it is very helpful to marketing people showing their valuable things and to sell. Hereafter, see about the Link tree alternative.

Link tree Alternative build with flat some:

Its a sub-domain, it’s had a few alternative forms of page. This page is new compare to the link tree and it has a specific layout and nice creative lining pages. your wish to change images like yours or your marketing or YouTube-based logo and the image to convert to shadowing like that and name and function to change, the background set up also ultimate to choose and set which you want it.

Linktree alternative

The special feature on upload to images on another social media link in Link tree page it didn’t have on Link tree. alternate the order your wishes and mute are deleted option also given. The special in Flat some in the fresh page you did, in from the page and then go settings, reading, open reading setting page and click home page and let’s make taken select the template in no heather no footer. The open clean looking landing page without heather and footer.  The link tree alternative is better than the link tree.