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If you find the translation price on the high side after receiving the quote, it is good to indicate this to the translation agency. Who knows, there may still be room for negotiation. In addition to the price, it is also good to look at the translation agency’s payment terms. The translation agency uses a payment term of 30 days and does not charge extra for an urgent translation. All translations are subject to the general terms and conditions are drawn up by the Association of Translation Agencies. You can hire professioneel vertaalbureau for the best choice.

Check if additional services are offered

It is wise to also investigate whether the translation agency offers additional services so that you can also come here for future assignments. In addition to translating different types of text, translation agency also provides translation for various media applications. For example, they provide subtitles, transcription, and technical placement of subtitles for corporate films and we have good connections for voice-overs.

Many translation agencies also offer interpretation services. The translation agency focuses specifically on translation but is happy to advise you if you need an interpreter. In addition, it also offers additional services such as terminology management, content management and version management, so that we can provide you with a complete translation service. After all these guidelines, it is essential that you have been able to select the right translation supplier that suits both you and your brand.

What is a good business relationship without personal contact? Indeed, nothing at all.

In addition, it is recommended to choose a translation agency that has the capacity to adapt to your deadlines and is able to manage a number of projects simultaneously. Size is not everything, but the agency must have enough translators to manage all projects without wasting time.

Time frame

In general, you should expect that a translation agency, or rather the translator, can translate 2,000 words per day. Do the math.


At large translation agencies, the quality of your translation work varies regularly, due to the number of translators working on your translation assignment. Why are the prices of some agencies so low? It is right because the quality is simply not in order. Some translation agencies pay their freelance translators absurdly little money, which leads to rushed work.


High-quality translation jobs are indeed expensive. The average rate for a simple translation job is approximately $0.14 per word. Translation agencies that offer prices below $0.07 do not usually have the texts proofread by a second translator. The average rate for translations with a high level of competence, such as medical or legal translations, is around $ 0.20 cents per word.

The translation agency itself

First, check whether you are dealing with a translation agency that has the best intentions for you and your company. In addition, it is good to check whether they are specialized. Also always look at the customer reviews and feel free to ask for case studies. It is a good sign if the company is willing to provide detailed feedback, case studies and references on request.

Do you urgently need a translation?

professioneel vertaalbureau

No problem. Translators and copywriters enable us to deliver high-quality work within 12 hours. Even if the nature of the translation is not urgent, we ensure that you receive the results quickly, so that you do not lose money in the new market because you have to wait for a translation.