Symptoms and causes of the bulging disc

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Before getting into a bulging disc we have to understand the discs. There 6 types of disc we have in our body they are

  • A normal disc is the first range of disc
  • Then to the degenerative disc
  • The third layer is the bulging disc
  • A herniated disc is immediately next to the disc
  • The fifth is the thinning disc
  • The last layer of the disc is the degeneration with an osteophyte formation

While the third layer of the bulging disc in the neck gets the trouble due to the uneven posture of our neck and the aging is the major cause for the bulging disc. The treatment for bulging disc can help to cure it. One of the non-side effect treatments is exercise it gives relief to the bulging disc.

treatment for bulging disc

Causes for bulging disc:

  • The spinal cord is made up of many different interconnected bones and many vertebrae protect the tissues that are of soft and the nerve that runs through the spinal.
  • To make to stable and flexible, the vertebra is separated by the connective disc.
  • These spinal card discs are made up of the tissues that have the strong electricity.
  • When the spinal bones are bends or it rotates the spinal disc helps to change the size and that supports the move.
  • This makes the spinal not to get any friction on the bones.
  • The spinal cord bones can be dislodged easily.
  • That happens especially on the lower part of the spine. Or it occurs on the upper part of the spinal cord.
  • For some severe cases, it can occur on the middle portion of the spine that is named as a herniated disc.

Most of the people get confused about the herniated disc and the bulging disc. They are related to the soft tissues that help for the movement of the body. Each of these discs has a soft substance inside and that surrounded by an outer layer that helps to maintain the disc structure.

When the annulus fibrosis that supports the outer layer, initially degenerate itself first then the vertebral canal gets to escape from the inner nucleus pulposus this leads the excess pressure on the root of the spine. This pressure makes the bulging disc to dislocate and the numbing and tingling sensation of the area surrounded it. If it is found at the initial stage then as per we saw, it can be curable easily without medications.


Usually, a bulging disc occurs without having any symptoms. But the main reason for this bulging disc is about giving the excess pressure on it. This shows the regular and religious practice of exercise from the age of 35 will help to avoid this. But some get this problem at the early of 25+ age in a common note of working as well as putting pressure on the neck can cure with sparing some time for exercise. This helps better to avoid that situation. Proper posture and the exercise at the right age helps the people to avoid this bulging disc.