The history of library and the articles it withholds!

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There’s this one place in our world, here you can know all about the Earth’s history, experience a whole different world, moreover once you step inside this place, all your problems, hardships, anything that’s bothering you will fly away from your head.  Yes! The place that I’m talking about is the LIBRARY.

So, What’s their history?

Sometime in the 7th century B.C, The world’s oldest library was found for the Royal contemplation of the Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal. Now located in Nineveh in modern-day Iraq. From then till now, they have been a “Happy place” and a ” go-to place” for a whole lot of people. Libraries help all of us in numerous ways.


It is a great source of information to all of us, we can know everything here, from the story of Adam and Eve to the Story of Barak and Michelle Obama, From the discovery of the Fire to the discovery of Robots, From how the world began to the theories of how it’ll end, everything is inside this place. Libraries promote literacy. The Articles from libraries are one of the most interesting things present inside.  They are too much information fit inside something small. They guide us in every single way possible.

Why I love libraries?

If you’re reading this article, you must probably love reading and going to the library. Because we all know how peaceful and serene we feel in that place. Libraries are really the “Heaven on Earth” You go there with all your problems, and come out like you’re the happiest person in the world. They really have some sort of magic within! This is the only place where you go with all your expectations high and still never be disappointed. This place helps you feel at home, gives a good taste of how peace feels like, here you can hear your own thoughts out loud! And, l would never want to forget about the unique smell that libraries have! Damn, it can never be compared to anything. The knowledge you gain from the libraries is absolutely FREE!

Articles from libraries

How times have changed but not my love for libraries.

These libraries are a place that includes so many stories from so many years. Libraries contain everything. Trust me, EVERYTHING. These e-books and audiobooks may come and go, but it can never ever even near to the feeling of, Packing up your things, walking the way to your library, Getting inside one, putting your phones on silent, removing that one book you always wanted from the of 1000 other books, finding a place to sit and you finally the book you’ve wanted to read for days! And, that’s it. All your fears, all your problems every small little worry has faded away into the thin air like it’s nothing. You’re all alone at peace. I bet you, not even millions of money can buy you that feeling. So pure it is.

How libraries make the world a better place?

Libraries not only provide a home for readers but they also help the needy who were left homeless after storms, natural calamities. They are home to everyone without any discrimination. They act a treat to our senses. They help you stay away from this world and take you to many others. They help us stay calm throughout. Who won’t love libraries?

They tell us that, sometimes its better to escape reality and live in fantasy.