About Garage Doors in Bristol

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A garage is a place or building where vehicles, especially like a car, are kept. It may also be a building or place where the vehicle or car is repaired. A garage may be attached to a home or built away from the house like a shed to their according they are named as an attached garage or detached garage. A residential garage may have space to load for one or two cars. A garage is used to protect the vehicles from damage and if it is locking garage then it also protects it from theft the garage is equipped with an electrical mechanism to open or close the doors automatically the user controls it by pressing a button in the remote controller it is mechanized in the way to stop closing if anything in the way of closing, garages are spacious so that a mechanic can repair. GARAGE DOORS BRISTOL provides many facilities in installation.

What is garage doors?

A garage door is a large door which is built to close an open garage door, it has a dual operation it is operated either manually or by an electric motor, they are enough to accommodate the automobiles garage doors which are small in size are made with single panel hides behind or across the garage ceiling. If it is made with a shutter like a door which can be rolled up especially the weight of the door is much important here, because to reduce the effort made by human are motor there are various options that we can slide the doors, the materials in which the doors are made up maybe wood, metallic even fiberglass it depends upon the usage.

Version :

A certain king of version in garage doors are which we can still make it over our head they are maximum made up of single piece panel, The panels are mounted on both side with the style of an unequal parallelogram with lifting mechanism there arrived new version of garage doors, where the panels are hinged together using rollers system. the garage doors are hinged together using a roller system.The garage doors may be approximately 190 kg or even more than that rather than manual operation a remote control method is much safe and securable.

History :

The garage doors have a long back history they are back to 450 BC in that period they used to store chariots in gatehouses they started in the U.S in the 20th century. In the early 20th century the manufacturers in America started to publish catalogs that featured float over doors they are uplifting garage.

As said before there are several types of garage doors :


Here, the mechanism of single panel doors is almost constructed with one single panel (monolithic panel ). When the single panel door is in the closed position the door swings up above the head it has a hinge on each side they are usually known as jamb type hardware to open to its fullest form.