Build Up Your House Like the way It is Supposed to Be

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The planning of the plan is a very important step and must be done together with the architect. It is through your ideas and what you want for your home that you will decide how each room will be designed. As well as the external part, such as service area, swimming pool, among others. The measurements of the rooms will depend exclusively on your personal taste, investment value and the space available on the ground. The plant needs to meet these three requirements so that everything goes well and there are no setbacks during construction.  For the immobilier de prestige you can be wise enough now.

Modern house plans for inspiration 

Geometric shapes and multipurpose spaces are some of the characteristics that modern houses have.

However, the main difference between conventional and modern houses for sure is the plant. Modern house plans tend to be more open and less compartmentalized than conventional ones. It is what we call free plants. That’s because this type of house has ample spaces and you have the freedom to choose how you will divide it later. Be it with internal drywall partitions, sheets with plaster core and cardboard face, with other types of materials or simply demarcate the environments with the furniture.

Check out tips and inspirations of modern house plans for the most varied sizes of land and according to your needs.

immobilier de prestige


The townhouses are characterized by having two floors or more. They are very useful when there is a need for a large house, but the space of the land does not allow it. The construction of a second or more floor is necessary, thus doubling the space.

Small House

If you have a small plot of land and want to build a 2-bedroom townhouse, for example, this project is a great option. With 73m², this plant offers enough space for every room and takes advantage of all the terrain without making it too big. Although small, it is possible to include details to make the design more charming, such as two balconies that leave the rooms.  You can also include a parking space in front of the house, so you can get a small balcony that covers the laundry area. The balcony space, to be more comfortable, can be decorated with furniture for the balcony.


This floor plan is perfect for you who plan to build a semi-detached house, that is, with 2 bedrooms. In addition to taking advantage of the land, this project also aims to direct the pipes to the two houses. The area of ​​the house should be around 75sqm, and if you want to build in the semi-detached style, the land needs to be at least 152sqm. Since the two residences together will total more or less this.

3 room left

Here is an excellent inspiration for you who are planning to build a semi-detached 3 bedroom townhouse.   With an area of ​​92m² for each house, the differential is on the ground floor, which values ​​a modern trend with integrated environments. Including the kitchen, dining room and living room or TV, you can give the floor a more spacious look. On the upper floor, there is a suite and two smaller rooms, which share the bathroom.