Guide to know about Glass Rig Size

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We know, this question comes mostly from beginners or less experienced people who want to switch from one size to the other. There was a time when only big sized rigs were available in the market but now this is not the case. There are all types of shapes and sizes of dab rigs available in the market. That’s why people always ask which one is better. Smaller ones or large-sized ones. Well the true answer you can get is just by trying out both of them but there are some reasons that we can mention to find out which is better and preferred by most people/dabbers.

It was before 2009 when the concentrates were highly popular amongst heavy hitters on the west coast and in British Columbia. Back then it was used by people who had the knowledge and crop to perform extractions. But after some time, this became famous and was consumed by a lot of people which increased its demand in the market. Due to growth in this demand, the glass industry also got affected. The demand for glass has been increasing continuously as more and more people are interested in dabbing. There are many different types of concentrates rigs that come in different shapes and sizes depending on the needs of dabber.

Keeping Concentrates Concentrated

The main component in concentrates is terpenes which are organic compounds that are responsible for flavors and aroma in many plants. Due to the nature of concentrates and the temperature at which they are appropriate to consume, terpenes are more pronounced in concentrates than flowers. Usually most of the dabber-like pieces have tight water chambers and straight forward percs. This can help in diluting vapor and prevent dabber from experiencing a complete flavor of their concentrates. We can see the same logic being applied to the water chambers of dab rigs. We all know that the dabber will get a more diluted flavor if more water the vapor has to work through.

Drag-Free Smoke

if we compare flower tubes with concentrate rigs, the rigs are much smaller in size. Prior to dabbing came in the trend, large-sized beakers or fiber with some tree arm percs were the norm. Tubes take a lot of lung power to clear does that sound nice and easy? Inc case you are dabbing on a tube of that size it could take more than just one breath to clear and possibilities are that your vapor may get stale within the piece itself and stale vapor is not terpy vapor. Also, dabbers will do anything just for the terps.

Concentrates demand drag-free make and also need condensed chambers which can easily send the vapor to your lungs directly. That doesn’t mean that larger designs are not places in the world of dab rigs. Let’s take an example of the classic Faberge egg design which is not small in stature but possesses a tight water chamber which lets water and vapor bounce against the walls of the piece and into your lungs!

Nano rigs are also one of the most trendy rig types these days.

When it comes to nano rigs, the glass industry is boosting due this piece. This small design streamlines the vapor smoothly into your lungs. Nano rigs didn’t take much time to become an important tool for dabbing. You can see this in every dabber’s list of favorite dab rigs. There are some of the most reputed glass companies that started its manufacturing and the reason is its demand and never-ending trend. There are many different styles of nano rigs available in the market. Some nano rigs are smaller than three inches and from color shapes, many unique pieces are out there.

Flavor not Diffusion

There is just one idea behind using dab rigs and that is to cool down the vapor, not filter and diffuse it. Since most of the diffusion and filtering process takes place in the extraction process and quality of the concentrates totally depends upon the most – the main function of dab rig is to cool the hot vapor by passing it through air and water. Most of the dabbers search for a dab rig with minimal diffusion as it means there will be less drag and smooth experience of dabbing.

If you would ask us which size is used by most of the people then without any doubt the answer would be a smaller one. Even if the person has a big sized dab rig, you will for sure see a smaller size too because it is very very convenient. Without any doubt, smaller ones give you a great experience but in addition to this, they also give you the liberty to handle them easily. For people who like to go out on trips and like to travel a lot, small-sized dab rigs work perfectly. They can fit in smaller places and can help you to take them anywhere with you. You don’t have to travel with big pieces of glass that can even break if something would hit it.

There is a reason why most companies are getting into the production of nano rigs and the reason is very simple. Nano rigs are just awesome. Especially, these days in parties or any event, nano dab rigs are being used replacing big sized rigs. A lot of love from the side of dabbers can be measured for small-sized rigs. If you are a beginner then an experienced dabber would also suggest you go for smaller sized dab rigs. The best part of these nano rigs is that they are not even very expensive. you can simply get these dab rigs under $100 and if that is not satisfying then you can also buy dab rigs under 50 and that is really an amazing part of buying dab rigs.

Now when you know, go ahead and try to see which one you like. If you wish to go according to the information given by us then you will not regret.