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Accurately increase site visits and do more than just make phone calls. Throughout the site, key stages of construction, marked by the payment of legal deadlines must be verified and this is what the law provides. From the Eric Arnoux Real Estate you can expect the best deals now.

At each visit, its inspection and its tip

First, each time has the house plans and the technical notice to check the use of the materials provided. At the time of the foundations, before the concrete, the trenches must be dry and scrapped on each side. Then remember to check the size of the house and the rooms, not forgetting the joint of the concrete blocks when building the walls.

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As for the size of the house and the rooms, an important verification of the windows is to be expected: dimension, good positioning, good material, presence of double glazing. The same thing for the insulation before the installation of the partitions on the walls as on the ceiling, it is necessary to check the tightness of the insulation. What to preserve its future energy consumption.

Upon receipt of the new house

It is at the time of delivery of the house that the tips are the easiest to put into practice. Examples come with your hairdryer to test all electrical outlets and its bulb to verify the proper functioning of light sockets. A glance at the general circuit breaker makes it possible to identify that the electrical network of the house is well connected to a ground wire thanks to yellow and green wires. Do not forget about the outside of the house by spraying the terrace with water to check that it is well built, sloping towards the ground; try to park your car in new house construction.

Check at the time of the foundations, that there is no rainwater in the trenches which must accommodate the concrete. Your new garage to test its access and its surface area, examine the size of the chimney, at least 40 centimeters using a scale.

Insulation and heating are the strengths of a new house

Do not skimp on checking the good insulation of pipes in every corner of the house. Remember to start the heating to avoid any surprise in winter. Even in the height of summer, why not plan an outbreak to ensure that it functions properly.

Get assistance

The list of tips and advice to apply nothing better than being assisted by a specialist outside the manufacturer when you do not know enough from $ 500 depending on the size of the site, a technical controller can assist you in the different phases of the construction of your house. Are you interested in designing your home from scratch? It is a long process in which a problem or variation always arises.

Do you have pets? Daily habits to keep the house clean

Are you thinking about designing your home from scratch? To do this, you will need to follow a series of steps, in addition to adjusting to a practical and realistic budget. The more square meters the land has the more budget you have to have.

Tips on how to design your home

Obviously, there should not be many changes in the final result compared to the original project, although this is not always possible. In this way, we find different styles of construction, which reflect the preferences of the owners and, in addition, the existence of a more or less high budget.